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  • About Dr. Eve Meceda

    Awesome Work. Awesome Life.

    I'm a research psychologist by training, and most of my career has been spent working with organizations around the world to help make them more awesome, which I define as: more financially successful, more innovative, more competitive, and more fun. I've delivered more than 1,200 sessions in 18 countries, on all continents except Antarctica (and it's only a matter of time!).


    Much of my current work focuses on the power of Growth Mindset - and how we can shift towards this Mindset at both the individual and organizational level. Growth Mindset focuses on an obsession with learning, challenge, feedback, experimentation, innovation, and improvement. Mindset is a strong driver of high performance in organizations - and it also happens to be a vastly more fun way to run your business and live your life.


    Prior to becoming a Growth Mindset nerd, I spent many years working in a variety of research and consulting firms, partnering with Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies on issues such as leadership development, employee engagement, performance management, and the attraction and retention of high-potential employees.


    I have a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan and am also a published author, award-winning professional speaker, and passionate international traveler who's grateful to live and work in the beautiful areas surrounding Denver, Colorado.

    Watch me in action in the short videos below!

    As the Vistage Speaker of the Year, I delivered a TED-Talk-style session on Mindset to 700+ leaders from around the world at the ChairWorld conference in San Diego, California.

    A brief excerpt from one of the videos in my online Mindset course, from the section on Fixed Mindset. For more information about the Mindset program, click HERE.

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  • What I Do

    I help leaders build high-performing organizations that leverage the power of Growth Mindset to create an Awesome Work + Awesome Life for all employees. I deliver keynote presentations, half-day seminars, and full-day workshops around the world - and I also offer an intensive online program on Mindset.


    If you'd like to chat about bringing Mindset transformation to your organization, please reach out via the Contact form at the bottom of the page.

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